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Take your concrete from drab to fab with Huizenga Ready Mix’s concrete dyes! By offering you the industry's leading brand of decorative concrete products from Solomon Colors and releases, you’ll be able to get the rich colors you want. It is amazing how dyed concrete can give your dull surfaces an exciting makeover. We use this process for our ready mix to lay concrete.

Huizenga Ready Mix can provide you with a wide range of custom concrete color options to match your residential or commercial property. With all the color choices that are available to you, you’re sure to find just the shade you are looking for. Colored concrete provides you with a cost-efficient way to redecorate.

Decorative Concrete

When you want to add the WOW factor to you project Decorative Concrete is the answer.  The Sky is the limit so use your imagination. HRM has the answer to your Decorative concrete needs. 

HRM is the only Concrete Producers on the West Side of Michigan that has the technology mix color on demand. No need to order extra bags of color with our on-demand system we can make exactly what you need.     


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